Friday, 13 March 2020

Don Morrow ‎– "Grimm's Hip Fairy Tales as dug by Don Morrow" (Roulette R-25146) 1961

Maaan do I dig this? 
Don Morrow, right wing TV Host and narrator, had a go at defusing the dangerous world of the Beatnik,by that time-honoured tactic of 'Taking the Piss'. The world of 'Beat',basically, represented Satan to right wing christian fundamentalists...with emphasis on the 'Mentalist' part of the word Fundamentalist. The next album Don would make was a tribute LP to the Green Berets!?......sounds like fun (...damentalism)?
Don,and an uncredited chick, do a very fine job at lampooning the very easy target of the Hipster. The aforementioned 'uncredited Chick' is worth the entrance money herself.
Not that Beatniks are renouned for laughter. Lenny Bruce excepted,so i'm told?Not that he ever made the smallest muscle in my fizzog twitch however;but the first three tracks achieve this effortlessly. Yeah's a gas...but not as much a gas as it could have been with a little more effort like filling tracks 4 to 11 with more beat talk versions of fairy tales.Instead what we get are eight tracks of smooth jazz to fill up the rest of the LP. Not Cool.
Perhaps Mr Morrow's fee was too high for the labels budget?


1.Like Hansel And Gretel 5:29
2.Like The Shoemaker And The Elves 5:00
3.Like Rumplestilskin 6:18
4.All That Jazz 2:01
5.A Little Night Music 2:07
6.Like Wow! 1:51
7.Two Little Kooks 2:03
8.Two-Beat Beatniks 2:14
9.It Ain't Grindlesteig 1:55
10.Gossip 1:44
11.Kerouazy 2:04


Moahaha said...

That opening trio of hip fairy tales is the hippest thing I've heard all year. Thanks!

northfieldhat said...

These 3 episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies (American sitcom)
nail the beat/hipster thing.

They are dancing to the wrong music, but the bumper tunes are good, both provided by the wrecking crew (Tommy Tedesco, Hal Blaine et. al)
The hipster is played by Alan Reed Jr, son of the voice of Fred Filntstone (American royalty). He later plays a hippe on the show who's intrigued because Granny smokes crawdads...

I live in L.A., these people are still here, unchanged

Robert Gomez said...

Link is gone, man, like real gone.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ robert gomez....that link is real deal daddio. Try it again 'cus them bad katz at amazon try and clue you as to where to get these records from the squares. Usually the second go gets you to downloadsville man.

Robert Gomez said...

Solid, Jackson!

rev.b said...

@ northfieldhat, Oh yeah, I remember smoking crawdad w/ Granny once. All them 'billies were soo far out... Miss Jane was an ANIMAL when she was on 'dads. Did you ever hear Jethro on the Bodineophone? It was wheelbarrow filled with vacuum tubes, condensers, wires and circuitboards. Once he plugged in, the sound was transcendental man.

rev.b said...

Witness it in all its glory:
I like the reference to Eugene Chadbourne. I have to wonder if he got the idea for the electric rake from here...