Saturday, 7 March 2020

Ken Nordine ‎– "Word Jazz Vol. II" (Dot Records ‎– DLP 25301) 1960

We've had 'Son Of.....',there also exists a 'Grandson Of....', and there is also a Word Jazz two or 2 or II; which for those not familiar with roman numerals, could be Volume eleven?
Volume two's are notoriously crapper than Volume ones,and to a certain extent this is true of Word Jazz Two. However,the first volume set such a high bar,that the follow-up would have to score eleven out of ten to be superior. It is therefore very excellent,but not as good as numero uno, but better than "Son Of Word Jazz".....sctrictly a subjective judgement ,which in my experience usually ends up in back to front order for most of the public out there.After-all, one in fifty households own an Elton John record,so you understand what we're dealing with here? If one in fifty households owned a Ken Nordine reord instead, the world would be a better,or even a safer, place.


A1 There's A She And A He 3:36
A2 Reaching Into In 2:04
A3 Adult Kindergarten 1:58
A4 Spectrum 2:51
A5 Fireflies 2:14
A6 So And So 2:01
B1 Lesson Number 1 1:34
B2 Confessions Of 349-18-5171 7:55
B3 You're Getting Better 2:08
B4 Original Sin 2:57


doors97426 said...

Thank you so much for this Ken Nordine fest

Anonymous said...

I too want to thanks you for the Ken Nordine. I was first turned on to him by a friend who worked at the best record shop in town.