Monday, 30 March 2020

Attila The Stockbroker ‎– "Ranting At The Nation" (Cherry Red ‎– A RED 46) 1983

A common double act in the backwater venues of the 21st century was Patrik Fitzgerald and Attila The Stockbroker. They even had a shared single together!?...I suppose the connection was that they were both in the 'Punk Poet' category.The difference being Patrik Fitzgerald rarely spouted anything overtly party political,and went a lot deeper lyrically.Also Fitzgerald had some tunes,whereas Atilla ponced around with a mandolin like some comedy folk act. I would have loved to slowly crush that bleeding mandolin.
Attila's less irritating side was his Ranting Poetry,which although tiresomely pinko,and reeking of someone trying too hard, was actually amusing in places
This is his debut album,which i bought expecting two sides of poetry, but got one lives side of ranting, and a side of terrible faux medieval albanian folk tunes that were....not to put too finer point on it...crap.
So, i've took artistic licence again and uploaded the 'Live Side' only.You'll thank me for it if you're ever unfortunate enough to have this clever clever 'ain't I post-Ironic' rubbish forced on you.


Live Side
A1 Awayday
A2 The Night I Slept With Seething Wells
A3 Contributory Negligence
A4 Nigel Wants To Go To C&A's
A5 Albanian Football
A6 The Perils Of Stealing Half A Bottle Of Wine
A7 They Must Be Russians
A8 Russians In The DHSS
A9 Russians In McDonalds
A10 The Oracle
A11 Death In Bromley
A12 A Bang & A Wimpy
A13 Nigel Wants To Go And See Depeche Mode
A14 Russians At The Henley Regatta
A15 Russians On The Centre Court


libertine999 said...

Thanks a lot. But Track 1 seems to be missing ...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, no tracks missing, i just fucked up the numbering which starts at number 2 for some reason?