Monday, 9 March 2020

Del Close & John Brent ‎– "How To Speak Hip" (Mercury ‎– OCM 2205) 1959

Hey, Katz.....ever wondered how I got to be the Kool Daddio I am today?? 
Lemme clue ya to this disc to show you kids how to split out of squaresville and get a gig on the scene, that's where's it's at Dad. So go get this from a record man,hide it under a Charlie Parker album,and that'll be the last square thing you'll ever do.You're hip! Just don't mention this conversation again, you dig?...Kool.

Bare with me,i'm just slipping out of character.....NOW!

Boy,its hard work being a kool kat and a poet,but this Beatsploitation guide to the absurd world of the Beatnik on the cusp of the sixties is essential.....if not for a guide on how to be and speak 'Hip',but for a jolly good laugh.
Yeah baby, it's another one of those exploitation tools as put forth by the Maaaaaan, to turn the rebirth of cool into something tepid and nothing but a harmless joke.


A1 Introduction 1:13
A2 Basic Hip 1:15
A3 Vocabulary Building 4:15
A4 The Loose Wig 2:45
A5 The Riff 5:50
A6 The Hang Up 3:18
B1 Put On, Put Down, Come On, Come Down, Bring Down 5:50
B2 Cool 3:51
B3 Uncool 1:00
B4 Field Trip No. 1 1:30
B5 Field Trip No. 2 1:12
B6 Field Trip No. 3 1:15
B7 Summary 1:27


Ian said...

Seems the vast majority of people today picked up How to Speak Idiot first.

JohnR said...

"So, like, whose the geek with a microphone in his beard..." Love this album, bought it back in 1972...been hip ever since, well, maybe not. Thanks for sharing this.

rev.b said...

Finally, now I can fit in. Nest time I'm up in Halem... Prolly better if I keep it to myself.

parmalee said...

Hip talk took a serious blow when Bobby Brady sang, "Can you dig the sunshine?"

Harlen Manatee-Farms said...

working now! weird thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Not Weird, it always happens with mediafire...try twice and you get through.Its an advertising trick to get you buy stuff from scamazon.