Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Von Südenfed ‎– "Tromatic Reflexxions" (Domino ‎– WIGCD190) 2007

Who's that on the right, adorning the cover of this electronic underground disco Band? None other than Mark E. Smith, he of The Fall.The other two are in Mouse On Mars apparently? 
Most of the young alt-clubbers who dance to this probably have no clue who the singer is,but thats all part of the fun innit?
Smith always had an interest in cheesy electronic disco,especially like Italian house stuff. I went to see the new, post-Brownies, Fall line up in 1998, and between the groups and before The Fall came on, Mark and his roadies all came out onstage to dance wildly to some cheesy Italo-disco,and seemed to have a wonderful time,as did we. 
He seemed to keep his sense of humour in most situations did our Mark,and i'm sure there's a small element of tongue firmly in cheek with this album too.It's rather good, and one thinks that it would have been better for Mark to have ditched the Guitars rather more often methinks.All those 21st century Fall albums blurred into an over-produced morass of sameness.Ooops,its october, time for another Fall album and tour......although how I wish there was another one coming out in 2020.Would love to hear Marks take on the Coronavirus crisis.
It reminds me of a more drunk and unsexy northern English working mens Gay club version of DAF.....which gives me an opportunity to segue into a Tribute to Gabi Delgado of DAF who died yesterday specifically to join Mark's new EBM band in music Valhalla.To be listened to with a pint of Newcastle Brown ale,or some of paradise brewed local Bitter.


1 Fledermaus Can't Get It 3:56
2 The Rhinohead 4:16
3 Flooded 4:46
4 Family Feud 4:28
5 Serious Brainskin 3:51
6 Speech Contamination / German Fear Of Österreich 3:59
7 The Young The Faceless And The Codes 4:32
8 Duckrog 2:47
9 Chicken Yiamas 2:36
10 That Sound Wiped 6:05
11 Jbak Lois Lane 2:56
12 Dearest Friends 4:44


Anonymous said...

RIP Gabi

Suraj said...
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Anonymous said...

This record isn't "dance music", holmes.

Jonny Zchivago said...

All music is dance music...especially this one.

greatdividing said...

my copy got all scratched to bits in a freak diving accident thanx for posting

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't worry Greatdividing, we've all been there.

Richie Muster said...