Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Rod McKuen ‎– "Rod McKuen Takes A San Francisco Hippie Trip" (Tradition Everest ‎– 2063) 1968

This extremely fucked up copy of Pound-Shop Kerouac Rod's spoken word Psychsploitation trip to San Francisco,should just about manage to turn anyone 'off' rather than 'on'.Play this to the Grateful Dead,and they'd probably all join the army.Then some kind benefactor could have paid the special assassination squad of the Viet-Cong to shoot the fuckers in Cambodia.Like a reverse,dee-psychedelicised Apocalypse Now.....I'm on the first page of the script written already.Gerry Garcia is to be played by Charlie Sheen,but the special effects budget is so minuscule that i'm afraid the beheading scene is left to the last day of filming...and it ain't good news for Charlie....let's just say, he won't be surfing no more,but at least he died for his art rather than from AIDS.
Sounding as square as ever, Rod revives his beatnik character from his "Beatsville" album,on the look out for some 'Chicks' to get some free loving from,strictly no strings attached.(although someone reckoned that Rod was on the other team when it came to sexy-time?)....he was, a trained actor after all?
All this and he wrote "Blank Generation" for Richard Hell too....i'm not gonna let this go.I'm like a dog with a bone where Richard Hell's concerned.


A1 I Dig Sausalito 1:26
A2 Kranko's Hippie Party 4:33
A3 Love Child's Lament 9:15
B1 Ode To "The Warm One" 1:30
B2 - Of Girls - 5:20
B3 - Of Me - 2:19
Grant Avenue Reflections 6:50
B4a This Boy -
B4b How Does It Feel?
B4c Just For Kicks
B4d Games
B4e Flying Home
B4f Talent?
B4g Confucious Say
B4h Here's To -


northfieldhat said...

Get Christopher Walken to do these reads. Platinum!

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the beat generation, as per your link, and it may have broken my heart a bit. like finding out your girlfriend slept with your dad.