Friday, 20 March 2020

Philip Johnson - "Completed Album" (Slackhurst Broadcasting SLX 02) (2019)

Ay up, its that girl with the wellies again!
Its also Philip Johnsons long awaited,or otherwise, follow up to "Year Of The Black Fridge".
It's supposed to be released on Vinyl but the forces that be have conspired for it to be shelved,probably permanently after the disaster that is the Covid 19 debacle!...unless someone out there has any money left that they don't mind losing that is?
I'll recommend "Bored,Depressed" for Wolgang (who described the previous album as 'Boring') but he must listen to it all the way through to the end or face the poisonous wrath of Zchivago,....please!?
This should split opinion in a small room,but please keep more than a meter apart and yawn into your elbow,or, alternatively sport a satisfied smile behind your surgical mask.
Its genuinely weird and can clear every sized room before any disease is transmitted,so its a great anti-covid 19 weapon.The next best thing I can find to a vaccine.Someone should inform the authorities.



Intro 0:36
Soldier 3:14
Cpperc 0:34
Coat 3:17
Walah 3:04
Who Did Not 4:26
Mymst 0:24
Oh What 3:01


Iamg 0:47
Bored, Depressed 17:15

DOWNLOAD if you're bored or depressed or both HERE!


Wolfgang said...

Just started listening to your recommendation. I quite like it! The message is even a little more precise than in the most depressing songs by my beloved Patrik Fitzgerald (could not find "Down" on Youtube, otherwise I would have pasted the link).

Wolfgang said...

This could also do:

C said...

'taint working mate.


Jonny Zchivago said...

@ C ...seems to be working,others have downloded it ok?
As with many mediafire files you have to try at least twice.