Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Clark Coolidge, Thurston Moore, Anne Waldman ‎– "Comes Through In The Call Hold" (Fast Speaking Music) 2013

Ah, Thurston Moore.Hanging out with his cool poet friends....but wait, No, Thurston's doing the poetry, Coolidge is a whizz with the brushes, and Walman only appears on one track,embroidering further her obsession with Plutonium..
He'll never lose the Indie Rock dweeb reputation.He sounds like he's using someone elses voice.
The funny thing is that it works.His abstract guitar improvisations erase all those decades of Sonic Youth busting a dorsel vein trying to 'Rock Out' in one scrape of the E-string, or banjo-string if i'm continuing to use obscure penis parts references.
Moore's poet voice is easily good enough to get some work as a part-time voice over artist for action movie publicity montages.He could have been in a nineties re-make of a Sam Spade whodunnit as the title character....not sure what he'd look like in an armani suit though,and the converse's would have to go straight in the trash.
The words to 'Free Jazz Costs Nothing' are slightly cringy in its avant-garde music name-dropping references,and he says "Cunt", which is always a low blow in any desperate attempt to gain attention,or to sound edgily on the cusp of 'art',but NO, you've rejected that 'cus you're an average Joe sharing your genius with the rest of us.
I'd probably walk out after ten minutes if I was at a concert of this, but, on record,its pretty good to play in full with the TV on and the sound down.Then civilisation starts to seem as ridiculous as it really is.People don't get paid to do this...but maybe they do if you were in Sonic Youth and there's an arts grant to be snaffled.


1. Clear The Room
Drums – Coolidge/Vocals – Moore 0:44
2. Comes Through In The Call Hold
Guitar – Moore/Vocals – Coolidge 12:52
3. She's Crazy And So Am I
Drums – Coolidge/Vocals – Moore 0:54
4. Om Krim Kalyai Namah
Drums – Coolidge/Guitar – Moore/Vocals – Waldman 6:19
5. Free Jazz Costs Nothing
Drums – Coolidge/Vocals – Moore 6:00
6. History Will Decide
Drums – Coolidge/Guitar – Moore/Vocals – Waldman 11:22
7. Turn Left At The Dog
Drums – Coolidge/Guitar – Moore 28:50


Alan Burns said...

Nice one, thanks. Thurston's best when he sticks to guitar, still gets a nice meandering drone going. The second-last track had a bit of the Patti Smiths about it...

Ian said...

No offense to @Alan Burns, but this listener's opinion is that Thurston's best when he sticks to not touching an instrument and keeping his mouth shut, both.

Mark Pino On Drums said...

One the best music venue conversations that I ever had was one with Coolidge. Such a brilliant guy.