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Nervous Gender - "Music from Hell" (Subterranean Records SUB21) 1981

To get back to the californian/los Angeles Free Music Society thread, after the inexplicable reposting of two Symboter Albums; we have Brad Laners(Steaming Coils/Prostate Gland Massagers/LAFMS) early appearance as part of the infamous Nervous Gender.

The first time I posted this album I got a DCMA take down notice,then a member of the band e-mailed me telling me that it had nothing to do with any member of Nervous Gender!
So here it is in its reposted form......ladies and gentlefolk, I bring you Music from Hell:

Near perfect, unhinged minimal synth punk from the minimal synth punk capital of the world, San Francisco. This group had a ten year old drummer, a pre-requisite for greatness in any musical sphere. Then you got the sublimely named Dinah Cancer guesting on one of the tracks.
I suspect a severe Screamers influence was endemic in the formation of this nasty little collective, which is understandable; the Screamers being one of thee perfect Punk groups ever.
All this, coupled with the recorded live straight to cassette quality and you have a definitive Synth Punk Classic.

(Tracks B1 to B5 performed live in Traetion Gallerie May 30 1981.
The entire contents of this album were recorded on a Toshiba RT-8200a portable cassette recorder and a Sankyo STD-1700 cassette deck. Our most outrageous thanks to Mr Mike Fox for his fidelity recouperation tactics. This album was recorded and mixed in a span of 36 hours, mistakes and all).

The band's web site helpfully points out that Beelzebub Youth is often mistakenly identified as a separate band, but was really only the name of the tracks on the second side


Martyr Complex

Nothing To Hide

Cardinal Newman

Fat Cow

Alien Point Of View

People Like You

Regress For You

Beelzebub Youth 
Christian Lovers


Bathroom Sluts

Pie On A Ledge

Push, Push, Push

Alice's Song

DOWNLOAD some music from hell HERE!

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