Saturday, 14 June 2014

Steaming Coils ‎– "The Tarkington Table" (Motiv Communications ‎– motiv prod 7) 1987

Another Los Angeles Free Music Society related band is, The Steaming Coils, featuring Brad laner(of Nervous Gender fame), among others.
The Tarkington table is a masterclass in skewed abstract pop music. the music The Residents would have made if they could play instruments.
Totally forgotten and overlooked , I can't describe the feelings I have in my dysfunctional brain when I play this LP, which is more often these days, and i'm trying not to mention the overused word,"genius".
The difficulty in creating unpredictable melodies is immense in these post everything times, post- the nu renaissance of the 1960's. Records like this may never be made again! Its effortless beauty brings tears to the eyes of someone regularly accused of being an android.....(mainly by a procession of boring girlfriends of the past).....emotions do lurk behind my dead eyes, and art like this does tap into them.
(anyway isn't anger an emotion?)
Am I going over the top about an ignored record from over 25 years ago?
And this ain't their best album either!


A1 Emergency Candle
A2 Intents And Purposes
A3 4/10
A4 Bible Moss
A5 Golding Operations
B1 Forth Family 6:23
B2 Marble 2:37
B3 Something New Today 1:48
B4 A Short Stop At The Coleman Lantern 2:05
B5 Proposed Pink City

DOWNLOAD direct from the tarkington table HERE!

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