Saturday, 21 June 2014

Airway ‎– "Beyond The Pink Live" (Cortical Foundation ‎– organ of Corti 27) 2001

As, apparently Airway are performing today ,to mark the summer solstice,and we're still on a Los Angeles free Music society trip; here's the Airway live album from 2001,complete with two video's for your pleasure.
For those who know not what this collective sounds like; imagine a disaster movie where several jumbo jets are crashing into the mother of all garbage dumps, discarded detritus from a thousand modern households flying in unpredictable directions. Kitchen white goods colliding with dying aircraft engines,and crash landing in a landfill site full of metal cans of varying sizes.
A parable for modern times or what?
Its every man for himself kids, and its coming to your town!
unfortunately Airway will not be coming to your town any time soon, except if you live in Culver City, California, I suppose?

"Beyond The Pink Live" combines an assortment of past Airway alumni with some first timers. You should experience Airway at dangerously high volume while taking care to protect your hearing."

 Track Listing etc:

Airway - Beyond The Pink Live    42:38 
CD-ROM-1 Airway Airway 5:10
CD-ROM-2 Airway Mother-Daughter 3:39
 +1 PDF document readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader with:
- Airway Movie
- Beyond The Pink Poster
- Airway Poster W/ 7” Original (1977)
- Airway Lp Autopsy Cover Art (1978)
- Airway Discography
- Gallery Lumani Exhibition, Tokyo
- Select Bibliography
- Cover Art For Atelier Peyotyl (Japan) (1982)
- Poster For Airway Live At Otis Art Institute (1978)
- Airway Statement In Beyond The Pink Program
- Airway Live At Lace Announcement (1978)
- Photos Of Vetza And Joe Potts (1978)
- Ten Commandments Of Painting
- Airway T-Shirts (1978)
- Mother-Daughter Original Label Art (1979)
- Credits

DOWNLOAD and live beyond the pink HERE!


Anonymous said...

one of the best lafms records together with the joe & joe lp. Insane!!!

Mr Fab said...

Yep, 'twas a privilege to see Airway this past Saturday - 13 members strong. Don't think Tom Recchion could make it, but Don Bolles was there doing...something. Started off loud and noisy, and went from there. No songs, no show-biz, no melodies. Ah, the purity! An uninterrupted hurricane squall of sound, leaving us feeling spent and contented.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I is well jealous Mr Fab.I attended by remote viewing, but its not the same as physically being there is it now?
Ones needs to feel the noise squall vibrating ones body cavity to truly appreciate it.