Monday, 16 June 2014

Steaming Coils ‎– "Breaded" (Nate Starkman & Son) 1991

The final Steaming Coils release was recorded in 1988 but only released some three years later on some weird german label. Obviously too weird for any Americans to be interested in releasing it, after the sublime 'other planet' avant pop of their first two efforts!?
This posthumous(?) effort is more accessible than the previous albums, with catchy tunes that could appeal to the 'indie' kids; but still with that skewed Brad Laner/LAFMS alternative reality perspective.
Personally, my least favourite Steaming Coils from everything, released and unreleased that they ever did; but still brilliant.

Tracklist :

1 Carne Del Sol 2:59
2 Singing Notice 3:10
3 A Pipe Is Real 3:02
4 Loosen Lovesick The Shamrock 3:21
5 Notes 2:58
6 Drawing Up A Question / Triple Point 5:18
7 Gledhill St. / The Collingsworth County 3:41
8 Red Brown Book 2:25
9 Horse Power 1:29
10 On Studio Cassettes 2:01
11 A Story Donut / Breaded 6:50
12 Introduction A 1:56
13 Hue And Cry Over Pink & Green With Almond Shade Of Beige 3:08

DOWNLOAD and get breaded HERE!


J.H.M. said...

Holy noodles and carp, I somehow managed to be here right when you put this post up! And I thought that the demise of Mutant Sounds had all but put the nail in the coffin of me ever reclaiming my lost cache of Steaming Coils miscellanea...

I forgot how helpful your blog can be. Thank you, Herr Doktor.

P.S. You and I still do not see eye to eye on The Legendary Pink Dots and likely never will. Alas, no-one is perfect!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Fear not, I have everything the Steaming Coils ever did. And i'm, predictably, gonna be posting it all.

I am perfect in my imperfection, which is what this blog is all about!
Therfore the LPD's are fantastic?
They just get on my fucking Tits!

Happy coiling.

J.H.M. said...

Many thanks, good sir! I am looking forward to it. It has really been too long since I have last heard "Proposed Pink City".

And yes, precisely: I am as imperfect for loving them as you might be for detesting them, and you know what? That's what makes the world turn, and I fucking love that.

Happy coiling to you too.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You sir,will be part of the future, thanks to your natural intelligence.
I've already uploaded all the Coils stuff.If you want it in advance of my self-indulgent musings, then e-mail me and i'll send you the links.

Vaykorus said...