Thursday, 5 June 2014

Dennis Duck ‎– "Dennis Duck Goes Disco" (Los Angeles Free Music Society ‎– LAFMS#2425) 1977

Dennis Duck, drummer with the Doo-Dooettes (fuck me, he was also in the incredibly normal Dream Syndicate?!) invents turntable-ism, plunderphonics, and sampling in 1977.Probably pushing it a little bit,but there are elements to this cassette release that were unique to Dennis Duck(Dennis Mehaffey) before ,and including ,that great watershed year. TheResidents did similar things pre '77,not strictly sampling ,but this is twenty years before Plunderphonia had a name.Not to mention, Holgar Czukay and Rolf Dammers experiments in found sound from the late sixties.The extensive use of a turntable pre dates Hip-Hop's abuse of said tool,by a good four or five years however.

Incredibly inventive, this tape doesn't lack a sense of humour. The Disco in the title, obviously refers to the abuse of vinyl discs rather than anything to do with the biggest selling musical craze of 1977. All the tricks are used, 78,45,33,and 16 rpm, using the cueing lever to create repetitive lock grooves; random stylus placing;mixing two decks together; all this utilising a stack load of unwanted thrift store records,which would have been mega cheap in 1977, but are now worth a small fortune; like this cassette?


A1 Intro
A2 Do The Fence
A3 4xie
A4 Nice Shave
A5 French Numbers
A6 Chatter-Walk
A7 Miracle-Zone
A8 One O'Clock Jump
A9 Outro
B1 The Pants! Story
B2 All Skate
B3 Fan Club
B4 Bediboop


bill said...

Thankyou JZ, as ever.

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Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers, Belgian Bloke.
All the decent blog's have stopped nowadays. No-one writes anything amusing or interesting.
Creepscanner was my favourite.
Bleak Bliss is a good one though.

World Leaders should be "resettled in the east", to use a certain political movements newspeak.

Jack said...

Thanks a lot, just love yr blog!