Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Symboter - "Phon-Ethik" - (Syntape 017) 1983

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Olaf has got his hands on a ppg wave 2.2, an early digital synthesiser, but had good old analogue filtering; so those harsh digital sounds are less jarring on the old lug holes. Also the sound is augmented by the classic Roland Jupiter 8 polysynth, later to be shamed forever by The Human League (mk.2) in their many hits. A cassette full of beautiful analogue warmth, with quite a few decent tunes.Often straying very close to the dangerous waters of soundtrack and library music, but still sticking to the traditions of 70's/80's German electronic musik. Dunno if the title refers to some kind of ambitious attempt at Ethnological Forgery, previously attempted by CAN or not.Although,it does sounds like an adequate version of the modern technological tribal music, but without the mind killing jackboot beat that has stifled youth dissent for the past 25 years. Honest electronic musik before it was turned into the ultimate W.M.D (weapon of mass distraction). Also, the best Symboter cassette.  

Track Listing:

Side A:
1 Monk in swamp
2 Energy
3 Dramatic Theme
4 Digimba
5 Der Schlangenkönig
6 Voyager (neue Version)

Side B:
1  Death in a Crowd
2 Nachrichten
3 Psychosomatic-Ricochet
4 Romantic Theme

DOWNLOAD these synth_ethiks HERE!


bill said...

Track 5 of side 1 seems to have dropped off or dropped out. ?? Very grateful anyway, for this and for all.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't ask me whats going on with this post? its got a life of its own. But i will try and locate the problem.

symboter said...

If there is a problem with the download or if you are looking for my other songs, visit symboter.de
or get in touch with me there, thank you, symboter (aka. Olaf Schirm, Berlin, Germany)