Sunday, 15 June 2014

Steaming Coils ‎– "Never Creak" (Rotary Totem Records ‎– RTRLP006) 1987

The best official Steaming Coils LP (featuring LAFMS's Rick potts) release is Never Creak. A near perfect perversion of the Pop art form,changing into something even more bizarre than 'the Birdy Song'. This group had the craft of creating an abstract melody, as if transmitted from the goldie-locks zone of a random exo-solar system, down to a kind of  effortless uber-art.Something truly unique crawling from the primaeval soup of Rock'n'Roll.
Download it, before it downloads you.

Tracklist :

A1 Diamond Pillow 3:47
A2 The Darbius Flower 1:37
A3 A Towel And A Rope 2:19
A4 Harry Languid 1:12
A5 Lexor 1/4 1:50
A6 Unitard's Dessert 2:34
A7 From His Thrown 2:25
A8 Blathering Hemispheres 4:01
B1 A Door Slept 1:45
B2 Dinner With Grand Ma 1:46
B3 Red Ear For Hearing 1:38
B4 Mantis 1:52
B5 Terrible Hot Day 2:22
B6 Now This Boy 3:00
B7 Devils Hate Meat 3:08
B8 Porpoise Song 4:36

DOWNLOAD without creaking HERE!


lizard johnny jewel said...

This is a fucking amazing album. Do you have the missing track 12, "Mantis"?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Track 12 missing! Jeez, how does this happen.I'll see if i can locate the fucker!