Friday, 13 June 2014

Monitor ‎– "Beak" (World Imitation ‎– L-6000) 1979

LAFMS related Synth Punk classic single, that features Boyd rice on Vocals.California was the spiritual home of synth punk, and this band is up there in the higher echelons of said genre,along with the likes of the Screamers and Nervous Gender.

Y Beak 1:47
X Pet Wedding 2:10

DOWNLOAD and monitor with your ears HERE!


Stu said...

Good 'un. Do you do requests? If so have you got the Galactic Symposium cassette? If not I'll fuck off.

Jonny Zchivago said... Fuck Off!
But i will make enquires as to its existence.....but still fuck off.

Stu said...

Thank you. I have now fucked off.


A 40th anniversary retrospective of Monitor and World Imitation coming up March 4, 2017 at These Days gallery downtown Los Angeles.