Friday, 27 June 2014

Ron 'Pate's Debonairs ‎– "Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue" (Say Day-Bew Records ‎– SDB-1) 1977

Talking of tenuous LAFMS connections, Here's Ron Pates Debonairs featuring the Reverand Fred Lane from 1975. I am not aware of anyone from the LAFMS appearing on this record, but I always assumed there were as it seems to walk the same lonely highway as many of their releases from the same epoch. Weren't the Doo Dooettes also the Captains of Industry ?......if not, they should have been ; and Airway could have been the Lonely Astronauts ?
This record is an accurate recreation of how one of those shit variety shows of the 60's and 70's sounded in the mind of the children who had to endure such awful dross under instruction by their pre- rock'n'roll generation parents.
The Reverand Fred lane's monologue's are lessons in surreal,often hilarious, nonsense;just like the monologue's of such proto-paedophiles as Bruce Forsyth,Sammy Davis Jr and any other media mannequin you are aware of, except that they intended to amuse and failed.All accompanied by reams of canned laughter and applause. In fact, if you compare the atrocious verbal vomit, that emitted from the offensive gob of serial sex pest,rapist, and necrophile, Sir Jimmy saville , with that of Fred lane, you will find very little difference.Other than different senses of irony. One sinister, the other satirical ; whereas John Q. Public would see it the other way around, taking the side of the state funded child abuser over the inspired satirist.
One of my favourite moments, that virtually happened every week on the Generation Game and Blankety Blank, is the Raffle. An 'Ugly' man wins the Car Tyres, to take home to his lovely wife.
The prizes are as valueless as the real prizes on those terrible TV shows.
My personal favourite prizes that I remember being won in my youth, were a 'Mug tree' on Blankety Blank, and every week it was either a Speed Boat or a Caravan as the star prize on Bullseye.(for non UK citizens out there I have provided links to enlighten you, or otherwise as to the abysmal shitness of this total crud that passed for entertainment).
Now we watch reruns of these shows on Challenge TV, and entertain ourselves by playing spot the Nonce ; in some shows like Celebrity Squares you can actually play Nonce Noughts and Crosses, often scoring a diagonal line,like Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Freddie Star in a winning line.Then we are entertained by Gary Glitter.
Terrible musical entertainment was always included that even managed to take these shows lower on the taste scale.
This is represented here by the shaky version of 'My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)'and 'Volare',as sung by our compere. Then we have the guest performers, represented by the Free improv of The Captains of Industry, and the Lonely Astronauts. Theres always a novelty act of course, so we get the 'Concerto For Active Frogs', an Avant Cabaret classic if ever there was such a genre.
Alfred Jarry would have been proud of this fine album.

(for all saddo's out there, this is on that bloody Nurse With Wound List by the way!)


A1 Introduction
A2 My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)
A3 Monolgue
A4 Concerto For Active Frogs
A5 The Captains Of Industy
B1 The Lonely Astronauts
B2 The Shemp Howard Story
B3 The Chief Divisions Of The Peoples Of Gaul
B4 Monologue
B5 Volare


A. S. said...

Egad! I've been searching far and wide for this recording! I've had to make do with "From The One That Cut You," which, though good, cannot approach the deranged madness of this performance.

Thanks Jonny Z.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Glad to be of service. This wipes the floor with "from the One That cut You, in my humble opinion.

Mr Fab said...

Well! As "From The One That Cut You" is one of my all-time faves, I cannot download this more quickly.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mr Fab i find it difficult to believe that you don't already have this!?

Mr Fab said...

Ha ha, I don't have everything! Was looking for it for a while, til Die Or DIY came to my rescue.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Glad to be of service.You deserve it.

Scraps said...

Migod, can't believe it. Thank you very much.

kevinesse said...

aaaahhhhhhh thanks matey! Have you Fred Lane's "icepick to the moon?"........thanks again for everything!