Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Symboter ‎– "Synchrotron" (Syntape 006) 1982

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More Tangerine Dream/Kraftwerk/soundtrack library music hybrid from Symboter. Crammed full of top of the range analogue beauty, from a treasure trove of classic synthesizers in Symboter HQ; this release featuring ,predominantly, the Roland Jupiter 8. Lovely stuff. A compilation of these early cassettes have now been released on Vinyl On Demand. So if you want to hear this stuff in high definition, you better get your Euro's out and nip over to the VOD website pronto, before it sells out.  

Track Listing:

A1 Running
A2 Up And Down V.
A3 Blässerimpression
A4 Classic
A5 Walking Duck
A6 Open Spheres
A7 Silbersee
A8 Kraftkern-Stop

B1 Silent Storm
B2 System
B3 Tangerines Nightmare
B4 Electronic City
B5 Blauer Planet,Blauer
B6 Split

DOWNLOAD in synchronization with the synchrotron HERE!

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