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Various Artists ‎– "Live At The Trance Port" (Trance Port Tapes ‎– trance 5) 1984

More from post-punk L.A., means more from Trance Port Tapes, and 'Live From The Trance Port' cassette.Which is basically what it suggests ,live recordings from four Trance Port artists.
First up we get the 'Electronic Beat Poetry' of 'Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction'. A kind of hipster white rap set to a backing of a mutant disco electronic backing. Rather effective,but three tracks is enough of that I reckon.(A full tape of this exists on Trance Port ?it might be available soon via Carlo ?-see comments on L.A. Mantra).
The LAFMS connection part one is the improvised chamber music of the wonderfully named ,Fat & Fucked Up. Serving up a quarter of an hours worth of cello scraping,viola plucking,contra bass slapping,scat squealing modern pseudo classical improvisation. A fine act indeed.
Stillife get all minimal, with three hypnotic tunes that remind one of Steve Reich,Terry Riley, and Eno coming at ya all in one big repetitive ambient mantra. This would have undoubtedly been taken more seriously in New York, leading to a string of LP's on CBS classical.
Finally we get LAFMS part two,another Brad Laner vehicle, Debt of Nature. Abrasive,crude,highly treated Punk,is what it says in the booklet.Who am I to argue with that ? These are the best tracks on the tape by nano-metres (that’s a very small distance to you sensible persons out there).


A1 Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction Smith's Room 3:47
A2 Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction Graveview Trace 4:10
A3 Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction Let's Do It 4:08
A4 Fat & Fucked Up Suite For The House Of The Lost Boy (In Five Parts) 15:31
B1 Stillife Celadon 7:23
B2 Stillife To The Light (For Ellen) 7:22
B3 Stillife African Slugfest 5:19
B4 Debt Of Nature Officer Dillon (We're Going To Kill You) 1:49
B5 Debt Of Nature Inside Out 10:38

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Yes!! Thank you again... hopefully Carlo comes through on the balance of this Trance Port stuff!! Andy.