Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Various Artists - "Live at Target" (Subterranean Records SUB 03) 1980

This is sort of a "Live at the Roxy"(1977) for the San Francisco punk scene.
Featuring the obnoxious synth punk racket of Nervous Gender, more offensive synth punk from Uns(featuring a young Z'ev) and Factrix (both soon to sell out to Industrial music), and the peerless sludge punk legends Flipper. Kinda makes you wish you were there, rather like that "Roxy" album did. So can pay no higher compliment than that.


Side A:
1. Subterfuge
2. A Night To Forget
Nervous Gender:
3. Miscarriage
4. Scandinavian Dilemna
5. Poets And Confession
Side B:
1. UNS 1
2. UNS 2
3. Low Rider
4. Falling

Recorded live at Target Studios, 2-24-1980
LP, Subterranean Records, 8-1980

DOWNLOAD directly from the Target HERE! 

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