Tuesday 12 November 2019

Дос-Мукасан / Dos-Mukasan - "Дос-Мукасан" (Мелодия ‎– С60-07677-8) 1976

Freaky Psychedelic combo's from Kazakhstan didn't need long hair,beads and lashings of LSD 25, to make weird as fuck music. In a land remote enough from Moscow for nuclear testing, the wastelands around the townships were littered with the carcasses of  space junk and failed missle tests.The river behind the band in the album cover swhot was likely highly radioactive or lifeless from chemical spillages further upstream. Large swathes were uninhabitable, poisoned by disgarded rocket fuel, by the time Borats' homeland became independant.Perhaps it was the copious amount of chemicals splashed around the habitats of a seemingly expendable people that ,once ingested, created a drug strong enough for Dos-Mukasan to dress in those way-out uniforms;or was that the standard issue for the Kazaki space programe?
Listening to track one "A Hungry Steppe", this bunch of crazy kids didn't need no rocket to get into orbit, just give them some musical instruments and they'll take us all there.
Trouble is that by track 4 we're splashing down in the Caspian sea again,firmly back on liquid Earth.
Apparently this is thee most saught after Melodiya album by record collecting nutjobs,and I can see why. Certainly the opening track is funky enough to have been 'discovered' by unnamed trendsetting DJ's at certain cheese obsessed night clubs in London; but the ethic psychedelic prog fusion is a heady enough mixture to power anyone's personal rocket.Dispite its inconsistancy it's a weird as fuck(Shit! Did i say that twice!?),and will certainly impress your more pretentious chums into asking you what that music is....then your 'cool' is in severe jeopardy once you try to pronounce it!.....don't ask me i'm as clueless as your pretentious friends.


A1 Бетпак Дала = A Hungry Steppe 7:35
A2 Ахау Бикем = Magnificent Girl 3:58
A3 Аяулым = My Gentle 4:54
A4 Ляйлым шырак = Dear Leilym 2:05
B1 Туган Жер = Motherland 4:40
B2 16 Кыз = 16 Girls 2:57
B3 Куа Бол = Be A Witness Of My Love 4:11
B4 Сулу Кыз = Beautiful Girl 3:17
B5 Куанышым Меным = My Joy 2:55


snoopy said...

uh oh "bad request"

Chris Sessions said...

Jonny-not sure what the deal is but it seems there's some sort of CLOUDFLARE that's keeping me from downloading this weird as fuck music!

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble getting the link to lead to anything - hovering the mouse pointer over it doesn't show a url as it usually would, and clicking on it, nothing happens... Are the Soviet Grail people fucking with you? (I tried repeatedly to get them to put a 'buy download' link for this album on their bandcamp page - they told me yes you can buy it as a download, but when I explained there isn't any link for that they just never replied to me again. Nice one folks! I'm trying to give them money for their exorbitantly overpriced releases and that's how they react?)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was able to get to the mediafire page by studying your page source for the link, then changing all the %u04 parts to ? and changing the 3D to =.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Is this the only time anyone talks to me?????

Panic yee not, it is fixed, nothing underhand going on ,just a badly copied link on my part I guess....so blame me....and Soviet Grail too for the fun of it all.

Download away.....its good.

Chris Sessions said...

It's true--I typically silently sit in the background giggling at your well crafted words of wisdom explaining the sounds to come, but all your hard work doesn't go unnnoticed! Many thanks for all that you do. I will aim to be more proactive

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thank you Chris, however ,you are one of the more vocal comment makers, so feel excused.

Fabio D. said...

Personally I prefer the Soviet wave type of post..

Ex-Oligarch said...

This record is 1000% pure awesome. Best thing I have heard in ages. Thank you for posting it.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah good innit?