Monday, 18 November 2019

Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík ‎– "Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík" ( Supraphon ‎– 113 1777, Gramofonový Klub ‎– 1 13 1777) 1975

There comes a time in every Rock bands lifespan when the songwriter wants his name in front of the bandname. Even in communist cold war europe where everyone was a team player whether they like it or not, had bands unfortunate enough to have a songwriter /lead guitarist with an ego. Formerly just called Modrý Efekt, or M Efekt, translated as the Blue Effect; 'bandleader'Radim Hladik, who did his national service previously in The Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra, decided to have his name in lights outside the normal band moniker.....a bit like Led Zeppelin being called Jimmy Pages Led Zeppelin...probably exactly how Jimmy actually thought it should be actually.
I could be wrong of course, as its more common for Record Companies or concert promoters to promote the leader above the band then add an '&' as the filling in the sandwich, pissing off the other group members.Hopefully the group will split and a solo artist will emerge from the rubble to save on royalties and increase company profits.
Either way, Hladik was, by 1975, Czech state label 'Supraphon's preferred Modry Efekt member.
Perhaps he passed the strict exams that were introduced after the 1968 Soviet invasion,to dicipher if you were a worthy socialist musical professional. If they did not pass the humiliating requalifying exams, they were not allowed to play anywhere legally. Bands were also forbidden to sing in English, have long hair, and organize unannounced concerts. Lyrics were severely censored and musicians were not allowed to criticize the regime or politics in any way. So The Blue Effect were obviously accepted by the regime,unlike The Plastic People Of The Universe who were put in a show trial and banged up in Jail around the time of this release.
Just in case the album had something dodgy about it,apart from the Monty Python inspired cover art, it was released by one of those music clubs who sent its subscribers an album a month unless they 'opted out'. I had the same problem in the UK,pick five albums for 19 new pence each and we'll send you the album of the month every month of your 12 month contract.So not opting out quick enough, I regularly received unwanted Elton John records,Steely Dan's 'Aja'or similar,, and further nonsense like that.
I did also get sent a 'Wishbone Ash' album as my monthly punishment, which is not unlike the Music on this 'Gramofonový Klub' record of the month 1975, 'Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík'.Track 2, Čajovna,sounds like one of those tunes that must have been written by someone else,it has that immortal melody thing going on,and stands out from the rest of the sub-Wishbone Ash guitar led whig-outs.
I actually admit to seeing Wishbone Ash in concert around 2010 in the middle of the southern French wilderness, at a fortified medeaval village near where I live, supporting ....I couldn't believe this at the time....Hawkwind!?'s the video evidence,click here!....and here, if you should care to click on it, is the link to Wishbone Ash's set at the same place!
No Modry Efekt though.


1 Boty9:57
2 Čajovna 4:01
3 Skládanka5:49
4 Ztráty A Nálezy 5:12
5 Hypertenze 12:30
Bonus Tracks:
6 Armageddon 6:22
7 Clara 4:13