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Simo Lazarov / Симо Лазаров ‎– "Градът (Електронна Музика) / The City (Electronic Music)" (Балкантон ‎– BTA 11473) 1984

Oh those Bulgarians and their fancy electronics......but at least I can announce that Simo Lazarov wasn't a Nazi, because he made an album called "Holocaust-A Requiem For The Fate Of The Jews"(1996).....apart from the connotational use of the word 'Fate',which could possibly be infering that they (the Jews) were 'asking for it';taken at face value it seems that Simo may be expressing sympathy and regret for his county's role in this genocide? It doesn't take much to be labelled an anti-semite these fact just by typing that observation could label me....again....with the yoke of anti-semetism!...lets just say I try not to be a jew hater of any kind because of their racial characteristics. Religion wise, i dump them into the same dustbin as Christians,or Muslims, or Bhuddists.Luckily only a small minoroty of Jews are actually practitioners of the silly Jewish Religion.....i'm skating on thin ice here aren't I? stick to the music?
Simo in his specially adapted toilet.

This is first Simo' LP and first Bulgarian electronic long-player. Released in 1984 on Bulgarian State label Balkanton.
It, thankfully, has little influence from the German Kosmiche set,and reminds one most of the British electronic underground from the early eighties,like 'Integrated Circuit Records, Colin Potter,Paul Kelday, etc. Even if no ICR act had a tune with as good a title as "Run, I Love You".
This all means that this is an album of charmingly natural year zero electronica,cruelly overlooked in the west....and probably the east as well.
Simo, your time has're on Die or DIY?


Градът/The City

A1 Спомени /Memories
A2 Момчето /The Boy
A3 Хора, Улици /Streets, People
A4 Движения /Movements
A5 Небе /The Sky
A6 Отражения /Reflections
B1 Бягай, Обичам Те /Run, I Love You
B2 От Мелодия Към Мелодия II /From Melody To Melody II
B3 Привидно Спокойствие /Affected Ease


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Happy crimbo when it comes JZ.

Jonny Zchivago said...

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Jonny Zchivago said...

As my real name is Nicholas....aka Santa Claus...i will furnish my children with at least one Jandek album for xmas....I have the Ray at least....its fucking brilliant.

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