Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Flamengo ‎– "Kuře V Hodinkách" (Supraphon ‎– 1 13 1287, Gramofonový Klub ‎– 1 13 1287, Čs. Hifi-klub ‎– 1 13 1287) 1972

Yes....this has got Ivan Khunt on....wait for it,wait for it.....on Organ!? Older brother of Ivor Cunt and the cousin of Issac Hunt of the Jubilets.But absolutely no relation to Cupid Stunt of the Kenny Everett Television Show fame, who,in turn, had nothing at all to do with Canterbury proggers ,Caravan and their Classic "Cunning Stunts" album from 1975.
Formed in August 1966,then forcibly disbanded in 1972 after being banned by the communist authorities,unlike those brown-nosing goody goodies, Modry Efekt.
They did however, have time to release their only album via the usual route of Czech music clubs,and then on to State label Supraphon.
It is, one must say, a progressive Rock classic of the highest proportions.


1.Kuře V Hodinkách (Introdukce)
2.Rám Příštích Obrazů
3.Jenom Láska Ví Kam
4.Já A Dým
5.Chvíle Chvil
6.Pár Století
7.Doky, Vlaky, Hlad A Boty
8.Stále Dál
9.Kuře V Hodinkách


kevinesse said...



the beat goes off......i mean on

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wow!, I never realized that Caravan were so bloody awful!? Also stealing an album title from that black metal crossover groop Cows was a flagrant act of plagarism that shouldn't go unpunished!

as for the Buttholes tribute to German footballer,and Kunt, Stefan Kuntz, weakest track on the album.

Ok I admit, I never had Cows 'Stunning Kuntz' in my collection, only the debut album....now i'm regretting it.....nooooo, I'm regretting not having bought Cows complete collection.

Ruža Tomašić said...
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