Friday, 19 July 2019

Bobby Beausoleil ‎– "Dancing Hearts Afire" (Sagittarius A-Star ‎– SAS #33) 2013

Another Bobby Beausoleil new age space rock epic in the style of a low budget Dave Gilmore on Mogadon.
One can't help but have images in ones mind of Bob, shut away in his prison cell surrounded by mail order electronics,gurning as he makes the strings on his lovingly polished electric guitar singalong to the impecably programmed digital backing track.
It does have all the hallmarks of a retired geezers anti-alzheimers hobby to keep his mind active in old age.A sort of a musical Sudoku.
The difference between this and the retired hippy spunking his pension on music tech, is that Bob knew Chuck Manson,and murdered someone, so people have enough passing interest to buy it,and maybe even listen to half of side A.....but, as mentioned previously, it breaks the ice at parties!?
The music does have a certain artificial sadness,like a soundtrack to a wasted life that had so much potential.Played as he waits to end his existence in Jail.
However, he seems to have led quite a full life as an inmate.Creating Film soundtracks, marrying at least twice, and fathering four children!???.....this ain't like no Jail I've ever heard of!? Only Manson himself has released more albums,although his official children have either commited suicide or are in hiding;and Manson's music is clearly an inferior beast altogether.


A Dancing Hearts Afire part 1
B Dancing Hearts Afire part 2


Farquhar Throckmorton III said...

Jonny - I think I'm better off not knowing where you're finding this stuff.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You can only guess how better off you are not knowing.I used to not know, now I know,and I can attest to it being better to not know than know...but I know,now,so i won't tell you so you know as well.You know what I'm saying?...'cus i don't......know!?

Anonymous said...

So the source is u 2