Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The Manson Family ‎– "The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson" ( TPOS ‎– TPOS 084) 1970

What has the world possibly got against Hippies?
The answer is right here on this joyful run through of some of Chuck's greatest, non-murderous, Hits.
Charles,himself doesn't appear on this one as he had other engagements at the time.......he was in Prison.
So,what we have here are the dumbasses who made up Manson's family of middle class misfits.
Hippie culture was the perfect vehicle for horny manipulators to get young ladies into bed and get the superfluous males to procure more young ladies and kill for them if needed.
Manson thought of himself as some kind of musical genius,and the evidence is here, and on other recordings, that he certainly was absolutely not.
He was, However, an esteemless short-arse who grabbed the opportunity of 'Free love and Flower power' to form a group of worshippers that made lickle Charlie feel good about himself,'cus he never had proper mummy and daddy......ahhhh, poor Charlie.


A1 Ra-Hide Away!
A2 Love's Death
A3 Die To Be One
A4 No Wrong Come Along
A5 Get On Home
A6 Is There No One In Your World But You
B1 First They Made Me Sleep In The Closet / I'm Scratchin' Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone
B2 Give Your Love (To Be Free)
B3 I'll Never Say Never To Always
B4 Look At Your Love
B5 If I Had A Million Dollars
B6 Going To The Church House


chrisbusker said...

Bugger me - there's some seriously weird shit going on here. I'm not sure if I'm being weirdest for dl-ing it, or you are for posting it in the first place!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed Chris...i'm not sure I should be giving these creeps any publicity, but they qualify very much so as 'Cults' (and cunts)....and that poisonous dwarf,manson, makes me wanna punch something. Fact checking i was confronted with police photo's of the Sharon Tate murder scene, a tad upsetting. I'll use the opportunity to slag down the legend that a lot of persons subscribe to.It does however reveal the darkness that lurks inside of humanity very adequately.