Monday, 31 December 2018

Jandek ‎– "London Residency" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0821) 2017

Happy new Year?????..that's Fake News,but what ain't Fake is the last Jandek Monday of 2018.
What better way than six CDs of Jandek in London to end the worst year politically for the human race since World War2? And maybe an even worse year for our lovely blue planet?
Its only gonna get worse as far as I can see!
The seas are poisoned with micro plastics,during the worst year for the production of greenhouse gases since records began (Incredibly!!!???), making the projected point of no-return in twelve years time looking wildly optimistic! Top that with an oompah loompah in the whitehouse withdrawing from the Paris climate change accord, and Japan resuming commercial whaling, leaving our own extinction a near certainty.Stupid is as Stoopid does,as Stoopid gets whats-a-comin'!
We can't even try to save ourselves because democracy won't allow it!The people have spoken,they want cheap disposable convienience and fuck tomorrow.The idiots in the hi-vis jackets smashing stuff up in Paris and beyond have proved that. "Wot? Green taxes on my diesel fuel???? No way,unless I don't have to pay.Fuck the future,i'm alive today." I know of at least one of these drongos who,one week was protesting in a yellow jacket against feul taxes, then the next week was demonstrating against climate change.....this is a special kind of pure liquid hypocrisy.
That's not to mention the rise of the new incredibly DUMB neo-right,of which the "Gillets Jaune" are very much a part of, which makes "Mien Kampf" look like a reasoned work of well-thought out political philosophy, an insult to the old right.Made up of the detritus of society, moaning about the Romainians next door coming over here and taking our jobs that these lazy morons don't want.
Me?.....I'm gonna have to apply to stay in my own home because of Brexshit,and have my european citizenship revoked....a bit like the intial actions against the Jews in Germany in the 1930s;but at least i don't have to pay for the privilege like EU citizens in the UK will have to do.A different kind of residency to that which Jandek was paid to do in London,but far more incomprehensible!
Lets escape this crap and immerse ourselves in the unpredictable world of 21st century Jandek.On these three nights at Café Oto,we get a jamboree of styles jandeckian;solo acoustic Jandek to funky Jandek, to avant garde Jandek;all assisted by various musicians and, of course, his muse, Sheila, contributing her trademark channeled vocals.Both the Representative and Muse, make the traditional trip around the instrumentation to keep it fresh.Thankfully,he steers clear of the piano,and any neo-classical pretentions on this one.
Lets hope that 2019 sees a resurrection of common sense and decency on our fucked planet,and that Jandek makes a new Studio album......none of this will happen of course.

Day One - February 14, 2014

1-1 Trash Man 9:26
1-2 I'm Ready 8:22
1-3 You Ain't Me 7:23
1-4 Who 'Dat 5:56
1-5 Good Night 10:13
1-6 Down South 10:10
2-1 See Ya Later 3:55
2-2 The Devil's Dead 3:01
2-3 You Didn't Respond 4:42
2-4 Mean Anything 3:19
2-5 Chaotic Mind 3:41
2-6 Don't Want Us 3:26
2-7 Down So Low 6:26
2-8 Man On His Back 8:30

Day Two - February 15, 2014
3-1 I Laughed 13:11
3-2 Where's The Cotton 8:10
3-3 I Couldn't Find You 7:06
3-4 Wait A Minute 8:51
3-5 Choctaw Baby 7:18
3-6 The Stars 9:40
4-1 Lost Journey 8:30
4-2 You Told Me 4:03
4-3 Nothing 8:01
4-4 Tell Me 6:27
4-5 Here To Stay 3:33
4-6 Good Madness 2:37
4-7 He Loved Me 2:43
4-8 Twisted Tongue 4:12
4-9 Tripe Tales 4:26
4-10 Vain Thug 6:32

Day Three - February 16, 2014
5-1 The Dark 8:09
5-2 If I Waited Twenty Hours 5:56
5-3 Living With A Cell Phone 4:34
5-4 Downtown Blues 5:52
5-5 Cryin' And Tumblin' 7:48
5-6 Am I Alive 5:18
5-7 Peaches And Cream 2:46
5-8 Vagabond King 4:56
6-1 The Day Of Dread 22:13
6-2 Wall Fall 6:02
6-3 Solitary Sunlight 5:58
6-4 Sad But Over 4:46
6-5 Anyone Else 6:23
6-6 Somebody I'm Not


Marc Plainguet said...

Thank you so much for the Jandek Mondays! This is truly a monumental one and my quick scan through some tracks is pretty damn cool. Have a great new year!

rev.b said...

Wish I disagreed, but that'd be flying in the face of facts. The world around us makes Jandek sound optimistic.

heavyladen said...

More Jandek always makes the world a better place.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I've downloaded most of your Jandek posts to fill out my own collection. I slowed down once he started releasing the live albums and was astonished to find out how much I've missed out on.

I can't seem to open this one tho. Keeps saying no content to unpack.

Any chance for a re-up?


Jonny Zchivago said...

Mr seems that the file is fine, and lots of downloads with no complaints suggests that the problem may be at your end!? Refresh yer browser maybe?If the problem persists i will re-up it to another host.....just for you.
Yeah, i used to frown on the live stuff,but there are some truly great ^pieces of improv within them. If i wanna listen to Jandek I play the classic stuff,but if i want to play a more easier jandek and talented chums,thats the live stuff. Goes down better with the girlfriend too.

Unknown said...


I used The Unarchiver instead and it worked.

Thanks for the help.