Saturday, 1 December 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Topless Game" (K.P. Records ‎– KP 600) 1980

The cover should get the punters in anyway....phwoooor!
An early compilation of rather uninspired Belgian New Wave pop,all with terrible throat straining vocalists comitting the cardinal sin of trying to sing 'proper'.
Some fairly cringeworthy nonsense on this one, from a time before the Belgian Underground had found its mojo.
The opening track and the last four of side B hint at the future direction for Belgian youth,with some proto-cold wave and minimal synth numbers,but the filling in this sandwich has hints of cluelessness rather than toplessness.


A1 –Bitoks À La Russe - Tu Dois Partir
A2 –The Ashes - Desire You
A3 –Flowers By Throe - Give Us
A4 –Duty Free - The Warrior
A5 –Subject - Italian Summer
B1 –Darkness - When I Saw You
B2 –Nosy Parker - The Earth
B3 –Anonym - Bad Dreams
B4 –Cristal Swallow - Dying Alive
B5 –Bene Gesserit - From Brussels With Love For Our Japanese Friends
B6 –Design - Premoniton


Kuku muniu said...

Hi,could You upload Peter Hammill "X / Ten" live ,320kb?

Anonymous said...

Not even a "please"...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes a bit cheeky that...and in 320K?....what has Hammill got to do with dodgy Belgian compilation albums anyway?

Vaykorus said...