Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Mad In Belgium 7" (Mad Tapes & Records) 1988

Mad in Belgium magazine folded after this issue.
It was 1988, and the world had gone Mad by then, dancing like idiots on a cocktail of mind numbing medication.30 years on, and if anything, things have got worse;not just in music, but things in general.Mainly because we're facing almost an inevitable mass extinction event rather than just facing the horror of shite music.Music is already extinct.....and it started in 1988.
I don't blame mad in Belgium, I blame mad-chester....the zenith of awful.


A1 –Ninove - Kanu Leke
A2 –Catherine Jonio - Rien De Chinois
A3 –Lollek & Bollek - Animal
A4 –Saxioma - Centrifuga
A5 –Bambix - Dicked Woman
B1 –Fermentation Spontanée - Jimmy TV
B2 –Adult Fantasies - Fresh Kills
B3 –The Arch - The Myth
B4 –The Jones - Headachedays
B5 –Spermbirds - My Brother


Passikon said...

I think I still have a demo tape from Ninove,
full of virtuosity on a yamaha dx-7 :)
are you interested ?

Bernard (voice guitar and violin) and
Jean-Luc (dx-7) are brothers in a classical
musician's family. At that time, 1984/85,
they weren't friends at all except to play music.
JL-DX-7 (also "Maximalist") was a rather pretentious
and not funny guy, B was cool. He have sometimes play
with my group "Boop" to open their live shows (we both
used tapes in the background)
Before Ninove, B have played the drums in my first group
"the Untitled" (1983) and we had other collaborations...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, yes by all means donate a demo tape link....quick before I leave Belgium, which is very soon.

Passikon said...

So it's done and here is the link:
...even if you are already far away...
I hope you enjoyed your stay!