Saturday, 29 December 2018

Stranger Station ‎– "Echoes In Infinity" (Anna Logue Records ‎– ANNA 022.2009) 1981/2009

More maximal than minimal is this bedroom 'experimental' synth exploration by some spotty herbert called Simon Driscoll.
Posthumously released again in 2009, but made, and ignored, originally in 1981.
there was a single, and a track on "Synthetic Romance", but Simon casually slipped into the 'where are they now?' file with consumate ease.
He managed to fill up every space with bubbling and farting analogue synths, alongside some loosely related vocals plonked on top of the electronic foam, like some anemic cherry on the last cake in the packet.
Simon wanted to be either Tangerine Dream or Howard Jones, and ended up sounding like both of their entire back catalogues playing at the same time.Interesting insight into someones dreamworld nonetheless.


A1 Two Way Mirror 2:30
A2 Bay Of Pigs 6:32
A3 Minds Of Clay 2:31
A4 Waiting For The Moles 4:29
A5 Not Like Me 7:13
B1 Welcome To The Night 4:15
B2 Choose Now 5:17
B3 Some Of My Brothers 6:15
B4 Strangers 3:38
B5 Minutes To Silence 2:22

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