Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Misz ‎– "Eddy Merckz" (Misztapes ‎– 002) 1985

The most famous Belgian of all Belgium......and nowhere Merckz.
For those who don't know, he was a rather successful cyclist.
So naturally there's gonna be at least one Belgian band who are gonna mention him isn't there? Gent band,The Misz, went one further and named a concept album after this last Belgian Hero.
He won the Tour de France a lot, but now Belgians don't win anything.Even the UK wins the Tour de France every year nowadays.Making Eddy Merckz even more legendary.
This album, however, is a quirky minimal synth pop tour of vintage drum machines and whatever cheapo casiotone keyboards they could borrow.There's plenty of experimentation and spontaneity, but somehow the tracks remain coherent without becoming in any way abstract.
Eddy should be proud.


A1 The Wave Of Miszbehave
A2 Roll Over Bhopal
A3 Fear
A4 Braba-Son
A5 Eddy, Eddy!
A6 (Za)Stava Home
A7 The Heat
B1 CVC: Out Of Hand
B2 The Salmonella Song
B3 Het Is Geen Werk
B4 Qu'est-Ce Que J'ai Dit???
B5 Verlaine Et La Belle
B6 Of Coincidence


northfieldhat said...

He probably had both testicles, unlike our cheating Lance A.

Anonymous said...

Most famous Belgian of all time? Tintin of course!
And Plastic Bertrand as a solid second (hahha)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Not sure fictional characters are allowed....and both Tintin and Plastic Bertrand are certainly fictional?......i usually allow Hergé on the list.....and ,oh alright then Plastic B makes it, he was played by an actual Human i suppose?

Semiramis said...

Surprised Broeke hasn't freaked out over this. I posted the misz ep years ago and he acted like a child. Great artist though.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I've faced down bigger fish than him in the past decade. Musicians are mostly spoilt children with very high opinions of their self-worth.....but as I try to, one must separate the man from the music. thats why i still listen to gary Glitter.

Semiramis said...

Absolutely. Although one can't deny the glitter band made Gary what he was. Again, great musician as well.

Pawel said...

Do you maybe have their previous album "It Ain't All Garbage"?

Unknown said...

Hi guys,
I've never been a spoilt child or freaked out, believe me
Please enjoy the music
If anyone wants to hear more, Minimal Wave Records have juist released a new compilation album by The Misz, entitled 'The Lonely Crowd' - containing 11 tracks out of all 3 cassettes (and more) from The Misz 1983-1988