Wednesday 19 December 2018

Mensen Blaffen ‎– "Verzameld Werk" (OnderStroom Records ‎– OS24) 1984-86/2014)

Ran out of 'Mad in Belgium' comps so, here's a few selected bands from these tapes, starting with Mesen Blaffen. They could have been huge in the UK alternative charts if they sang in English, and were around in 1981.One does tend to admire non-english speaking bands who are content in never breaking the anglo-saxon market, and stick to their mother tongues.Especially in 'Dutch/Flemish' as they will be dooomed to wander the Benelux nations for allll eternity with no escape.....and whats wrong with that?An admirable lack of ambition that we all could learn from and avoid eating ourselves.
Mensen Blaffen played in that disjointed Post-Punk style that got revived by the children of middle aged former post-punkers around the turn of the millenium, like Erase Errata or The Futureheads etc.....except this is from (almost) back in the day. This compilation compiles all the stuff released during their lifetime, 1984-86......Its very good.

DOWNLOAD these life sentence belgian post-punkers HERE!


Erwin said...

Thank you from Belgium!
Wish you could provide it in FLAC... please

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thank you Belgium....
nah! Don't do FLAC....320k mp3 is good enough, and at the limit of my patience uploading large files, which also eats up my staorage space..If you want hi-fi you can still buy this from amazon.