Friday, 28 December 2018

Those Attractive Magnets ‎– "ElectroMagnetic Pulse (1980-83)" (Dark Entries ‎– DE-005) 2010

'Those Attractive Magnets' were a four piece minimal synth quartet of acne scarred teenagers from Tamworth, Staffordshire. Which is about as far away from anywhere 'cool' as one can get in the United Kingdom. They were like a meatier, less limp-wristed version, of Depeche Mode, and comfortably the best group on the "Synthetic Romance" compilation.
Nothing released in their lifetime (1980-83), apart from one single, so this is a very limited edition posthumous collection put together by the rather good 'Dark Entries' label in the early teenies of the 21st century.


A1 Two Way Mirror 2:30
A2 Bay Of Pigs 6:32
A3 Minds Of Clay 2:31
A4 Waiting For The Moles 4:29
A5 Not Like Me 7:13
B1 Welcome To The Night 4:15
B2 Choose Now 5:17
B3 Some Of My Brothers 6:15
B4 Strangers 3:38
B5 Minutes To Silence 2:22


Anonymous said...

many thanks

Wolfgang said...

I would want to disagree on this one. To me, they sound very obviously like a John Foxx clone, both in their use of synth incl. sound selection (programming?, don't know what the presets sounded like) and singing style.

Mark L. said...

Thanks for this always enjoy some lofi synth-pop