Monday, 24 December 2018

Jandek ‎– "Hasselt Saturday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0795) 2009

Sorry Christians, but 'Jandek Monday' falls on Christmas Eve this year.And to keep with the recent 'Belgium' theme, this is another performance the representative treated the Belgian people to on November 12th 2005, in Hasselt.
It's all been sent to test your fragile faith, so as a penance,you must listen to the whole of these voice and piano improvisations, twice, to show how much you love Jesus.Or,alternatively, how much Jesus
Like those faux-modern art exhibition pranks, where a bunch of credulous art critics were invited to give their opinion on a bright young artist who,secretly, happened to be a chimpanzee. These keyboard fumblings could also be taken either seriously, or as a joke, and could easily have been made by a Chimp placed in front of a grand piano....vocals included.
These eight 'parts' are more listenable than his instrumental only piano pieces, purely because Sterling treats us to some of his improv poetry as an accompaniment.
See it as an alternative christmas sermon,guaranteed to clear any christmas dinnertable in minutes. Leaving family members quietly sobbing in the corner of a room,or staring blankly at a wall in silence.
Thats my kinda Christmas folks!


The Places You Left Me
1 Part One 10:14
2 Part Two 6:44
3 Part Three 7:07
4 Part Four 7:42
5 Part Five 7:59
6 Part Six 7:41
7 Part Seven 7:29
8 Part Eight 10:01

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