Monday, 22 May 2017

Camberwell Now - "Live @ Tegan Tonen Frestival, Amsterdam 08/05/1986"

At last a high quality live recording of post This Heat avant-prog combo Camberwell Now. As captured by VPRO Radio at the Tegen Tonen Festival in Amsterdam in 1986.
This band never really did themselves justice on vinyl, and were better heard in a live situation. A slightly mellower and less abrasive offspring of This Heat. Most notable for ex-Heat sound engineer Stephen Rickard's mellotron inspired cassette-based 'sampler' invention.

Track Listing:

1- Working Nights
2- Daddy Needs A Throne
3- Sitcom
4- identity parade
5- Billboard and Beyond
6- Greenfingers
7- Green lantern

DOWNLOAD camberwell then in amsterdam NOW!


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_sto said...

thanks a lot! in those years VPRO really had a lot of good live concerts on radio. after having made some FM aerial I was in (sort of) listening distance to the netherlands and enjoyed it a lot :-)

thanks as well for the fantastic not-this-heat concert from paris.

pinkie said...

Dank je Jonny !