Monday, 29 May 2017

Essential Logic - "All The Singles 1978-81"

Aerosol Burns (1978) (Cells Records SELL ONE)
 1/ Aerosol Burns; 2/ World Friction(get this on the Beat Rhythm News Download)
Wake Up EP (1979) (Virgin VS261-120
 1/Wake Up; 2/Eaglebird; 3/Quality Crayon Wax OK; 4/Bod's Message
Popcorn Boy (1979) (Rough Trade RT029)
 1/ Popcorn Boy (get this on the Beat Rhythm News Download); 2/ Flora Force
Eugene (1980) (Rough Trade RT050)
 1/ Eugene; 2/ Tame the Nieghbours
Music Is A Better Noise (1980) (Rough Trade RT053)
 1/ Music Is A Better Noise; 2/ Moontown
Fanfare In the Garden (1981) (Rough Trade RT074)
1/ Fanfare In The Garden; 2/ The Captain (recorded in 1979)

As with most groups, their career starts off good then slowly goes down the shitter. Essential Logic is no different. Beginning with punky energy infused with van der graaf generator goes pop inventiveness; then decends into some gentle proto indie disco pointlessness.
Its all great stuff up to about "Music Is A Better Noise", then it just falls into that trap of attaining record sales, which never works artistically or commercially; one just loses both audiences.
Then comes the even more desperate front person goes 'Solo' as an epitaph with a danceable beat......see Lora Logic "Pedigree Charm" LP up after this post.

DOWNLOAD 'em all (waddle ya pay?.....nuthin') HERE!

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