Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Red Crayola ‎– "Soldier-Talk" (Radar Records RAD 18) 1979

Mayo Thompson's  revitalised avant-psyche outfit Red Crayola, or Krayola, featured the very fashionable Lora Logic on sax; among various Pere Ubu members, mustachioed session brass man Dick Cuthall (as seen on Top Of The Pops with the Special AKAetc), and Geoff Travis in the producers chair(?).
Mayo found many fellow travellers in post-punk Britain, so he came out of retirement to resurrect his sixties band to great effect.
An excellently Fractured and disjointed avant rock masterpiece, with all the syncopation of an emptying garbage truck.
In fact it sounds uncanilly like 'The Art Of Walking'LP onwards Pere Ubu.....which is funny, because Mayo Thompson was in Pere Ubu for those albums.....who influenced who? Who cares?


A1 March No.12 1:58
A2 On The Brink 2:52
A3 Letter-Bomb 2:00
A4 Conspirators' Oath 2:41
A5 March No.14 1:19
A6 Soldier-Talk 7:00
B1 Discipline 3:23
B2 X 3:10
B3 An Opposition Spokesman 5:02
B4 Uh, Knowledge Dance 2:54
B5 Wonderland 2:58


parmalee said...

Not the best Red Crayola, but still a good one--Parable of Arable Land and God Bless the Red Crayola haven't been beat. I'd love to hear the "lost" Red Crayola and John Fahey tapes, though I've heard it wasn't a great performance--still, it's gotta be interesting. Back in the 90's, Fahey used to show up for shows sans guitar and would have to borrow one. Still great, even when he was kinda sloppy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million! Glad to get my grubby mitts on it!

rev.b said...

This is my favorite Red Crayola album, a minority view no doubt.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I Concur.

Matt Chandler said...

Definitely my favorite as well!! Haven't heard it in a very long time, but this album totally slays . . . . Thanks so much for posting! Does this by chance mean that there is more Red Crayola on the way? Cheers!