Friday, 19 May 2017

Young Marble Giants ‎– "Colossal Youth" (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 8) 1980

If there is a chance nobody here has heard this classic record, then here it is for download.
The best thing to come out of Wales along with the aforementioned M4 motorway.
A lesson in originality, individuality, the power of subtlety, and the beauty of stepping sideways. A perfect career in modern music,a brief flash of brilliance, then disappear.
A silence that is louder than the noise.


A1 Searching For Mr Right
A2 Include Me Out
A3 The Taxi
A4 Eating Noddemix
A5 Constantly Changing
A6 N.I.T.A.
A7 Colossal Youth
B1 Music For Evenings
B2 The Man Amplifier
B3 Choci Loni
B4 Wurlitzer Jukebox !
B5 Salad Days
B6 Credit In The Straight World
B7 Brand - New - Life
B8 Wind In The Rigging


Ollie Stench said...

I am wearing a Colossal Youth t-shirt as I type this.

mythkoz said...


You're Blog's so great.
My new one is "Old, Weak But always a Wanker"
Precedent was "Disorder Are You Experienced!"


Jonny Zchivago said...

Ollie, you are worthy to wear it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mythkoz, i remember your old blog.
Had some old school punk on it that appeared nowhere else on the web.
And you are French are you not?
I will add your new one to my blog roll.

mythkoz said...

Hi !

3 Years off the Web,I'm back. And I Hope we'll be no more censured for commercial interests or other Reasons...

Many thx for including in your Bloglist