Friday, 26 May 2017

Punishment Of Luxury - "Peel Session 22-05-1979"

The potential disaster of Actors forming bands and pop stars becoming actors,has thankfully met with only limited success. 
Alas, one has to say, the actors in bands direction of this flowchart was far more satisfying than David Bowie in 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', Madonna in anything she's ever done (including all her godawful tunes), and even Phil Collins in 'Miami Vice'!
Most members of groups are actors anyhow, so it makes sense that if you're a better actor, with experience of stage and screen, you're gonna make a better 'Pop Star'; as referenced by David Essex (Actor) in his number one smash hit "Gonna Make You A Star".; wot I bought as my first single in 1975, weirdly a year or so after i had started buying albums.....ok, my first album was Slade's "Old,New Borrowed and Blue"....from humble begginings etc....!?
Slade's acting in "Slade in Flame" was quite bad in a good film, but the biscuit has to be taken by The Clash in the toe-curling docu-drama that is "Rude Boy". They were trying to act as their pop-star persona's,which was an act anyway!Always a challenging role to act as someone one who's acting.Even Sir Larry Olivier struggled with such a role as Archie Rice in "The Entertainer".But Larry Olivier wasn't in the Clash was he? They only had Mick 'Hardman' Jones and it was the kind of stuff you could only watch through your fingers as you try and hide from its unbridled horror; back of the sofa stuff!....ugh...shudder!(ok...yeah, the concert footage is good but so what?)
Whereas, Actors in Bands have ,narrowly,a better record (pun intended).
We got 'Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias',The Monkees,That Bloke from Bauhaus, Collins in Peter Gabriels' Genesis......struggling here......and Punishment Of Luxury of course. If left-wing fringe theatre counts as acting?
Naturally, there are reams of actors dabbling in music that should stick to most cases they shouldn't do either, like Bruce Willis and Steven Segal.
What i'm trying to say is that Punilux are better as actors in a group than The Russel Crowe Band.
Here's the proof, in their second, and last, John Peel session from 1979.


1 - Radar Bug/Metropolis (5:35).
2 - British Baboon (3:37)
3 - Secrets (3:57)

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jonder said...

I am borrowing two links I found on Exystence for the benefit of any Punilux completists. Thanks to the uploader, DiploDerek.

Revolution By Numbers (compilation)

Gigantic Days (compilation)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hey nice one.Cheers.