Sunday, 25 December 2016

Die or DIY?'s "Festered Fifty - No's 26 to 01" (a DIE or DIY? mixtape No.10) 2016

I was intending to string this out a bit, to create a bit of mystery as to what was number one, like with the actual 'Festive Fifty's' themselves......but I couldn't be arsed.
So yes, obviously Sudden Sway's "Relationships" gets the number one spot,as could anything from their two sessions for the Peel Show. The closest attempt at originality to that was probably by Wire, and their "Crazy About Love" session (Which closed part one of this xmas feast).
The greatest sessions taken as a whole, in my humble opinion, were Sudden sway, The Diagram Brothers,The Prats, Jackdaw With Crowbar (a genuine 'What the Fuck Was That!?' moment), This Heat's first, Sonic Youth's superb Fall covers session, and the best of the lot must be The Slit's first session; recorded when they were still 'The Slits' and not some awful Reggae-lite session band.The Slits and The Prats, kinda sum up the John Peel show for me.Like field recordings of lost tribal music in the amazon rainforest;these feral and raw moments in nature preserved in analogue and digital formaldehyde for future generations to marvel at.When the age of the machine really comes into fruition, those cyborgs will mourn the day the smart phone started this slippery slope to eradicate the human factor; if not so much the actual Human beings.

Track Listing:

Peel Intro......
24. The Dodgems - "Lord Lucan Is Missing"(17/09/1979)
23. Elti-Fits - "Letter Box"(04/09/1979)
22. Gang Of Four - "I Found That Essence Rare"(18/01/1979)
21. King - "Baby Sign Here With Me"(11/07/1978)
20. X-Ray Spex - "Germ Free Adolescents"(06/11/1978)
19. Alternative TV - "The Good Missionary"(17/07/1978)
18. bIG fLAME - "Xpqwrtz (pronounced Tshh!)"(04/05/1986)
17. The Prefects - "Faults"(08/01/1979)
16. The Nightingales - "One Mistake"(06/07/1981)
15. Public Image Ltd. - "Poptones"(10/12/1979)
14. The Lurkers - "Be My Prisoner"(18/10/1977)
13. The Prats - "Poxy Pop Groups"(13/09/1979)
12. The Petticoats - "Paranoia"(15/10/1980)
Pirahnas Intro.......
11. The Pirahnas - "Boyfriend"(17/07/1979)
10. I'm So Hollow - "Dreams To Fill The Vacuum"(13/08/1980)
09. Diagram Brothers - "Bricks"(17/03/1980)
08. Altered Images - "Dead Pop Stars"(07/10/1980)
07. Jackdaw With Crowbar - "Sailor Sole Survivor"(04/10/1987)
06. This Heat - "Rimp Ramp Romp"(26/10/1977)
05. Young Marble Giants - "Final Day"(18/08/1980)
04. Swell Maps - "Harmony In Your Bathroom"(16/10/1978)
03. Sonic Youth - "Psycho Mafia" (11/10/1988)
02. The Slits - "Vindictive"(19/09/1977)
01. Sudden Sway - "Relationships"(16/11/1983)

DOWNLOAD with no christmas turkey's HERE!


W. said...

Excellent selections - the soundtrack of my day.

Ian said...

Hearty thanks for collections, Jonny Z. That is one messed up numbering system on the individual files, just to keep things even more interesting. Thanks for the posts in 2016 and best wishes for the new year.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well it was intended to work as a countdown to the number one session track (in my opinion) did get a bit confusing at one point.Not helped by imbibing half a bottle of french sparkling white wine while compiling the backwards list.
And a happy new year to you sir.

Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Hey I really enjoyed the festered fifty. I haven't listened to this sorta stuff in ages. It cheered me up. Onya!...once again Jonny.

Oh...I have a question. Did people like John Peel just for his music taste? Or did they like his personality as well?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Tim,
Peel did have a certain laconic charm,was often very amusing,and in his post-sixties career had an admirable humbleness.
However,His producer John Walters was hilarious....i do have John Walters' appearance on Room 101 (Radio version),which i may upload later and leave a link here,if you're interested.Great bloke.

Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Hi again Jonny
Peel did reach me via the airwaves for a while here in Australia with a show he had on the BBC World Service in the 90s. It was a show which only went for 30 minutes. He seemed a lot more restrained on that show compared to some other clips I've heard from his proper British show. Of course we had all those Peel Session records and would see pictures of him in magazines during the 80s but he was quite a mysterious figure. I guess it's still weird hearing him and realising he's was regular bloke who maybe you would like to have a beer with or maybe not. Anyway....

Jonny Zchivago said...

I have quite a lot of complete John Peel shows which may inform you more of the shows appeal heres a few:


W. said...

It was Peel's non-mainsteam music selection combined with his uniquely dry humour that kept me listening to the show. I never particularly liked his Saturday morning Radio 4 thing - it was too ordinary, restrained, and polite for me
Thanks for the links. .

Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Onya Jonny
You're a legend.