Saturday, 17 December 2016

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "A Souvenir Of Camber Sands - Live December 3rd 2004" (Industrial Records ‎– TG CS 1) 2004

From Death Camps to Holiday Camps, is not a transition that is too common in the Industrial world;but TG can chalk up another first because that's what they did in 2004.
If this performance was "Live at Auschwitz" we'd have probably all yawned, but no, it was at the Camber Sands branch of the Pontins Holiday camp chain.
"Book Early" was Fred Pontin's catch phrase, delivered to camera with a thumbs up, like a drunk refugee from a carry-on movie. (Check the 1977 Pontins advert HERE).
The sexual abuse that invariably went on at these 'Holiday' camps in the 70's, would have sat well with TG's common themes. So, Pontins isn't too far removed from Auschwitz one supposes; maybe more a Belsen-on-sea type of place where they had Blue coats instead of Brown Shirts.At least Belsen had a swimming pool, and a hostage section for trade-offs with the allies. A bit like the Kids who went to these depressing places, after the Clowns and Blue-coats got their skin crawlingly creepy mitts on them.
So, all-in-all one has established that "All Tomorrows Parties Festival" at Camber Sands Holiday Camp was an ideal place for Throbbing Gristle to end their 23 year silence.
If Pontins had the line-up that ATP 2004 had for entertainment I would have definitely booked early every year.....but I may have had to go to the bar a lot during TG's lengthy set. popping back occasionally to see them do "Hamburger Lady", "Convincing People" and , their touching tribute to the recently dead John Balance, "What a Day". The newer stuff doesn't quite have the same impact, or, at the very least, doesn't have that nostaglic magick for us middle aged former misery laden adolescents.
I am being harsh of course.......there's nothing worse than constantly heaping praise on artists who have already proven that they are one of the greatest and most influential groups of all time. They could do a duet with Britney Spears and still wouldn't tarnish their long shadow of influence.
Actually, I really wouldn't mind hearing a TG and Spears collaboration; a bit like that classic 'Dorothy' single they released in 1980, which featured Max from Rema-Rema as Dorothy.
Here's another Pontins advert from 1979. I especially like the bit where they say "If you choose to leave the Kids, there's always someone to look after them"; then we see little Debbie in the clutches of a creepy clown with a pervy expression.....hilarious! HERE!

Track Listing:

Disc 1: 
1. P-A D 
2. What A Day 
3. Greasy Spoon 
4. Live-Ray 
5. Hamburger Lady 
6. Almost Like This  
7. Splitting Sky 
8. Convincing People 
9. Fed Up / Wall Of Sound 

DOWNLOAD a souvenir of that horrific holiday at camber sands HERE!


Ian said...

Blessings for the TG posts. It serves to remind that while I truly don't miss my large vinyl collection that i sold and/or gave away years ago, I do sometimes regret letting go of my picture disc copy of Live at Death Factory. But ah, just a piece of plastic, in the end.

pinkie said...

Thanks - much obliged

Anonymous said...

Hey Man Can't believe what I found in your blog.Yu're the equivalent of those archaeologists that found Tut's tomb. So many thanks for your digging. Cheers from Argentina.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Are these the very same Archaeologists who received the 'curse' of the Pharaohs?