Friday, 16 December 2016

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "TG Now" (Industrial Records ‎– RETG1) 2004

Twenty three years after their original mission was terminated, TG returned after the untimely death of Coil frontman John Balance. And this comeback session sounds just like Coil, post-mortem.
Coil's music depended heavily on John Balance's human factor, especially latter-day Coil recordings.
Genesis P. Orridge is a poor substitute lyrically and vocally.
"TG Now", or TG then, as its over 12 years old at the time of writing; is an incredibly boring record. Like comparing reformed Roxy Music's "Manifesto" to Brian Eno's Roxy albums.
"Splitting sky" is OK, except for the silly 'gristlized' vocals, that blatantly strain to sound 'evil'; but its about 8 minutes too long.
Original TG was perfect in its imperfection. New TG is imperfect in its perfection.
Why do these groups do this?..........oh sorry, I

A1 X-Ray (Edit)
A2 Splitting Sky
B1 Almost Like This
B2 How Do You Deal? (Edit)

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emuziek said...

Got this CD... complete with weird gold-brownish splotches. Is it early stage-II disc rot? Who knows?
Seems to be common issue on this CD.

I like Splitting Sky. It is not too radio friendly clocking-in at just over 12 mins. The gravel-strained,streptococcal pharyngitis, voice? Fine with me. Refreshing indeed.