Friday, 15 August 2014

The Pirahnas - "Complete Peel Sessions" (1978-80)

To finish reflecting on the bands from Vaultage 78, we have the complete Peel sessions from the very good Pirahnas group. They even had a 'Hit', the terminally catchy 'Tom Hark'.

Don't let that put you off, because they wrote an Amazonian river full of intelligent ska tinged pop tunes in a new wave stylee.

Like The dodgems, they sound as if they've been around a while,displaying some seasoned musicianship, and some distinctly non-university sullied working classness.

They're “Cheap and Nasty, but not as cheap and nasty as you”.

Track Listing:

1 Peel Introduces.....

2 Boyfriend

3 Getting Beaten Up

4 Yap yap Yap

5 Happy Families

6 Anything

7 Final Straw

8 Something

9 Green Don't Suit Me

10 Cheap'n'Nasty

11 Jilly

12 Coloured Music

13 Saxophone.

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Anonymous said...

Ta muchly for this, just spotted it and much appreciated! By the by, Tom Hark was a cover of an old South African tune which has just surfaced again - read the comments and download the track here:

Cheera and thanks again, Dave Sez.