Sunday, 18 December 2016

This Heat - "Live at King's College, London 28th May 1982" (Bootleg)

What would you like for Christmas boys and girls?.......well, I know what I would like, MORE LIVE THIS HEAT! please Santa!?
So here we have a rather good quality soundboard recording from the final This Heat gig, at King's College London.(ps, that isn't the boys from the group on the cover by the way!)
This one ranks up with the best recordings of the many other live This Heat bootlegs we have on this HERE to find the other live recordings nestling among the studio albums.
Charles Hayward: "Always find this version of the band difficult to listen to, the quartet lost the thread, and we basically fell apart as soon as we started playing the month of gigs. Death in June were horrible but we didn’t know that until we played the gig."
I have ran out of superlatives on how fantastic This Heat were, and still are. The remaining members played a few shows as "This is Not This Heat" earlier this year,which I gather were rather well received.
For me the album "Deceit" is by far the greatest Cold War album ever made, and a great sing-a-long to boot.

Track Listing:

1 Greenfingers
3 Working Night
4 Makeshift Swahili
5 Twilight Furniture
6 Cenotaph
7 Health and Efficiency
8 Music Like Escaping Gas/Improvisation

DOWNLOAD the king's of avant rock goes to college HERE! 


Vaykorus said...


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rev.b said...

Yikes! Just in time for Christmas. Music Like Escaping Gas will be just the thing to blot out the next US administration. Here's hoping the opposition will see its mission as blocking this president's agenda and be more successful than the last one, which was pretty effective. Gridlock would be preferable to the direction trumpster want to go.

rev.b said...

BTW, now would be an opportune time for remaining members to construct a contemporary variant. The Pop Group's active again, tho' not as engaging as in the day. Still, there's a need here.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Donald fucking Trump!! I'd forgot about that twat whilst editing all these new This Heat live girlfriend looks after this old geezer who slipped into a coma a few weeks ago, then he woke up, and the first thing he asked was..."Who won the election?".....the doctors advised us to say Clinton in case it caused a relapse.
As Trump is mild english slang for Fart; escaping gas is a very appropriate tune for the US pres elect.
Not heard the new Pop mate saw 'em in New York and reckoned they now sound like Haircut 100.

pinkie said...

Thanks so much for the XmAs pressies - I do so love This Heat :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, good ain't they?
My real name is Nicholas after all...the St. Nicholas of DIY and Avant-Punk. I'd put a copy of 'Deceit' in every childs stocking if it was true.....and it is of course...MEEEEERRRRRRYYYY MIDWINTER FESTIVAL BOYS AND GIRLS...HO-HO-HO-VOMIT!....was santa an atheist?