Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Dodgems - "The Dodgems Anthology 1978-80"

Most Die or DIY? readers know that I can't stand 'Clever Clever' groups.

This is true, but there's Clever, and there's 'Clever Clever'.

The double Clever types, tend to try too hard to show off their witty double entendre's and jeux du mots (that's French, ain't I clever, clever?), tricky time signatures and eccentric herky jerky melody lines. Some even extend this to video's like The Cardiacs,who desperately gurn and spazz-dance to hammer home the point with a jackhammer,even when we simpletons got the idea after ten seconds.

The Dodgems, are the right kind of Clever. Subtly ironic and genuinely funny lyrics,delivered with a laconically sarcastic tone ,atop a simple spacey pop tune that doesn't overstay its welcome.

Everyone should know “Lord Lucan is Missing” by heart,and be singing “I Don't Care” at karaoke nights down the pub.

The scandal is that they only released two or three singles in their lifetime; so the time is right to make available all studio recordings,demos and peel session tracks in one convenient handy package. Ladies and non-ladies, we present “The Dodgems Anthology 1978-80”.


1 Lord Lucan (newscast version)

2 Science Fiction (Peel session)

3 Muscle Beach (Peel Session)

4 Gotta Give It Up(Peel session)

5 My First Divorce

6 Burgess, Philby, and Maclean

7 Throw a Wobbly

8 Hard Shoulder

9 Science Friction (Single version)

10 Acid Test

11 Lord lucan (Single Version)

12 Just like The Photo

13 Lord Lucan (Vaultage 78 version)

14 Gotta Give It Up (Criminal Records version)

15 National front

16 We're Just A Habit

17 I Don't Care (unedited version)

18 Armchair Fascists

19 I Watch my TV

20 Will you be my Co-habitee?

21 Lord Lucan (Demo)

22 Lord Lucan (Peel session)

23 Peel Dodgems Waffle.


Lord Lucan said...

This is effing blinding. What a crime that this band never "made it". 'Just Like the Photo' is ridiculously good as is your blog. Many thanks...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, I suppose you'd know about crime your Highness? And you are correct. Incidently,where are you mi Lud?Apparently there are people looking for you!

pinkpressthreat said...

Thanks v much Jonny - I have the Vaultage Lps but hadn't realised you had this one here...and greetings Lord Lucan; fancy a game of cards some time? Hmm p'raps not..

Jonny Zchivago said...

What a great group.One of my most played collections is this.Them and The Piranhas were by far the best bands on all the Vaultage lp's.Check the Piranha's peel sessions,also on this blog.