Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ramleh ‎– "Onslaught" (Iphar ‎– 010) 1982

Ramleh bring you more soundtracks from a post apocalyptic Earth.The sound of radiation burns and cannibalism, in an ensuing nuclear winter of the near future.
One of the few descriptions of hell from that best selling guide to genocide, misogyny.homophobia, and gang rape; called the 'Bible.....,said, "A wailing and a gnashing of teeth"(?). This  inadequate image of eternal punishment(?),-punishment for what I don't know-, is fully fleshed out by listening to 'Onslaught' a few times. Except this 'Hell' isn't a mythical creation that served to control simpletons and frighten the shit out of children. Ramleh's 'Hell' is very much terrestrial, and we live in it everyday.


A1 Emaciator
A2 Onslaught
A3 Insecticide
A4 Phenol
B1 Emaciator Mix
B2 Insecticide Mix
B3 Phenol Mix

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