Saturday, 24 December 2016

Die or DIY?'s "Festered Fifty - No's 50 to 25" (a DIE or DIY? mixtape No.10) 2016

Late lamented disc jockey John Peel, may have boasted about having sex with underage girls in his biography,and frequently on air; but he was a figure who loomed large in many a young person's early exposure to the more obscure side of pop music.
Practically, the only place a DIY single could or would be broadcast, the show usually featured an exclusively recorded session from an invited artist from the pop hinterland.
Also there was the annual Christmas airing of the "Festive Fifty", made up of the listeners favourite records of 'All Time', which was later changed to the public's fav releases of the year, after "Anarchy in The UK" was perennially at number one every year after 1977 for some strange reason!?
So to revive that traditional show, Zchivago has selected his top fifty Peel Session tracks, and called it, rather wittily, "The Festered Fifty", for something to play while the Turkey is being carved.

(*)made a John Peel style cock up, as this XTC track was a Kid Jenson session,but its a classic so its staying)

Track Listing:

    [Intro by Andy Partidge]
50. XTC - "Making Plans For Nigel" (31/05/1979)*
49. Sham 69 - "What Have We Got?"(28/11/1977)
48. Basement 5 - "The Last White Christmas"(21/04/1980)
47. The Cravats - "Precinct" (09/08/1979)
46. Laibach - "Life is Life"(07/04/1987)
45. Slab! - "Bride of Sloth"(21/02/1988)
44. Josef K - "Heart Of Song"(15/06/1981)
43. Bardo Pond - "The Word" (25/03/2004)
42. The Models - "Brainwashed"(04/07/1977)
41. Delta 5 - "Make Up"(04/02/1980)
40. The Fall - " No Xmas For John Quays"(27/11/1978)
39. Fire Engines - "Fascist Groove Thing"(23/02/1981)
38. Bogshed - "Packed Lunch To School"(27/10/1985)
37. Desperate Bicycles - "Smokescreen"(04/071978)
36. Tanz Der Youth - "Delay"(02/08/1978)
35. Prag Vec - "Toast" (29/01/1979)
34. Joy Division - "The Sound Of Music"(26/11/1979)
33. Out On Blue Six - "Boys Will Be Boys"(17/06/1981)
32. Walking Seeds - "Transmaniacan MC"(22/09/1987)
31. Patrik Fitzgerald - "Suicidal Wreck"(10/04/1979)
30. Television Personalities - "Silly Girl"(20/08/1980)
29. Monochrome Set - "Noise"(14/02/1979)
28. Yeah Yeah Noh - "The Super Imposed man"(19/01/1986)
27. A Witness - "O'Grady's Dream"(15/12/1985)
26. Birthday Party - "Rowland Around In That Stuff"(21/04/1981)
25. Wire - "Crazy About Love"(11/09/1979)

DOWNLOAD the first half of the Festered Fifty HERE!


Judas Vigilante said...

Not waiting to listen to this on the big day. It's going on at full blast right now. Thanks a mill JZ.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hey Judas,
listened to your 75th release.
I liked the doomy last three tracks the best weirdly enough....was this intentional?
There's a hint of Jandek in there....i reckon you should bring it out more.
There's a brave minimalism about it that I admire. Do you fancy singing over some weird backing tracks that i've knocked can write the lyrics?

Judas Vigilante said...

I'd be more than happy to. I replied to your comment with gmail, not sure if that gets thru or not. Here's my email:

I'll now be getting unsolicited offers from silk road to transylvanian ladyboys!

Thanks, and yes, most of music is pretty , well, unhappy /doomy / gloomy.

Discovered Jandek about 5 yrs ago. Mysterious guy until fairly recently. I'll take the comparison as a compliment. Hope you have a crackin' day tomorrow, whatever you're up to. Love your stuff on Etsy btw, must buy something off you in the new year. That's a promise.

Festering fifty is amazing. A lot of stuff I haven't heard before. From myself and many others, a festive thank you very much JZ.

Pisŧöff said...

Thanks Jonny. Here's a shedload of Peel sessions for your followers- better act quick though- we're just days away from shutting the whole thing down.

Merry fucking X-Mas


Jonny Zchivago said...

No Petty V No.
Shutting down is not a desirable option.
Won't be the same without you....there's not many of us left.
Thanks for the Noseflutes sessions...haven't got those.
and a merry fucking Ex - mess to you too.

Pisŧöff said...

Not thrilled about it- believe me. Operating costs have become too much. Had a good deal on hosting last year, but it was a limited time promotion and it's just become to much to bear for such thankless work.

Keep swinging.