Thursday 29 February 2024

Mütiilation – "Satanist Styrken" (Self-Released) 1994

If you thought Darkthrone were the epitome of Zero-Fi Black Metal,then you......understandably....haven't heard Mütiilation. A French(!!?) Black Metal outfit who released a bunch of cassettes in the mid nineties,until they were fished from the muddied pond and honored with a release of  one of their many unreleased albums on Vinyl and CD. It still sounded as if it was recorded in an oil drum rolling between lanes on the M25 london orbital,but you could charge money for this!....a career beckoned until,band leader, Meyhna' he called himself, probably Cedric Arnaud or something equally as bland in real life.....until Cedric, declared himself Dead, and the group ended.
He wasn't really Dead of course, so this led to the re-animation of Mütiilation, as a solo project for Meyhna'ch in 2001.


A1 Skoger Av Onde Drom
A2 My Last Night Among Those Times
A3 Eternal Empire Of Majesty Death
A4 Infernal Holocaust In The Mourning Dawn


Vaykorus said...


Ian said...

You know he's evil because he spelled "mutilation" with two I's.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, the evilest Kid in my class at school couldn't spell for shit,like the spellings in American Dictionaries and spellcheck! It's all too clear for me now. I don't wanna even get into the dark side of sentence construction and grammar....too frightening.