Saturday 17 February 2024

Darkthrone – "Land Of Frost" (Self-Released) 1988


Whereas someone like,...say...Jandek,has a vision of life as a grim pointless reality; our Norwegian buddies in all those Death/Black metal groups,live in a fantasyworld almost as life unaffirming and silly as a Christian UFO Death Cult....but with better music. Especially when its as lo-fi as this jolly jaunt into the permafrost of the arctic Tundra of  Metal.
They think they're frightening us but their ,frankly, daft, game of thrones world is nowhere near as Horrific as the life as portrayed in any Jandek recording.
That Scot Walker album with Sunn(((o is probably the way to go for these growly long-hairs. A Jandek Death Metal collaboration would go a long way to lessen the silliness somewhat.
Not unlike that Metal collaboration album with Mark.E Smith (Mutation?), who continued to frighten the crap out of a bunch of very muscular Metalheads for the duration of his appearance.
Nevertheless, I do like a bit of Ferric-oxide cassette based Black Metal,with the production values of Danny and the Dressmakers.
I could listen to that all day as long as they don't do that growly barking thing they have a tendency to stoop to from time to time. Keep the vocals deep in the background please boys,and no suicides or murders please....not big, not clever.


A1 Land Of Frost 3:57
A2 Winds Of Triton 1:53
A3 Forest Of Darkness 4:32
A4 Odyssey Of Freedom 3:26
A5 Day Of The Dead 5:23


Ivan T.W. said...

I remember playing one of Scott Walker's weird later albums for a girlfriend when I was younger, and she shut me down by saying he sounded like Yogi Bear. It's still the meanest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suppose that makes you BooBoo?
Girlfriends know fuck all about music anyway....only how to use it to manipulate and control.
I had a GF who pretended to like Trout Mask Replica, until she moved herself in and then referred to it as "What is this CRAP!?"

Luc said...

this sounds like crap, i love it

Vaykorus said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! 🤠 I hope I stop Yogi’s voice from ruining my late Scott Lurv!

Big Earl The Girl said...

yeah, he Does sound like Yogi Bear