Monday 12 February 2024

Jandek – "Vision Of Jewels" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0864) 2023

While we is on the subject of Japan, I realised there is someone else who begins with 'J' that's been overlooked recently,and certainly never drives on the correct side of the road musically speaking.
Jandek innit?
He's got a new studio album out which sounds like a lot of his post - 2010 live output.but without the sparse applause. 
Its improvised,no vocals, no credits, no info,so i can't verify if it actually was recorded within the last 15 years. So no proof of the carrot topped bard's continued existence on this planet.
I presume that the cover art is a photograph of the Representative's home planet,whizzing around in one of the outer spiral arms of the Milky Way;.....either that, or Sterling R. Smith has just discovered image editing software?......Nah! That's Planet Jandek.
Its as good as anything The Scratch Orchestra did at least.Would have liked to have been around for that Derek Bailey Jandek collaboration that was never discussed.I suppose i could do a fantasy audio montage of this fictional event one day?
When i first encountered a Jandek record I thought it was Funny,but upon listening to subsequent releases I realised that he wasn't fucking Joking!? I thought it was just shite Self-released by a nutter with too much spare cash? Where he got that from I dunno,as i thought he used to work in a Machine Shop somewhere in Houston?
Nowadays I think its less Shite,and especially this stuff,which could pass for Free Improvisation in any number of pretentious enclaves dotted around the metropolitan Chumbawumba beer kellers of planet Jandek.


1 White Quartz 16:16
2 Color Streaks 15:19
3 Star Specks 12:45
4 Viewing The Realm 23:59


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're still kicking around! More Jandek? Why not?! Thanks, Milly's Grandad

rev.b said...

'I'm his mother, and he's a good boy.'

JColtrane said...

Many thanks

parmalee said...

Jandek is performing in NY in a couple of weeks--tickets available through the Giorno Poetry Systems website! Weird, that. I'm prolly gonna miss it, otherwise I'd find myself disappointed, yet again, that he can no longer replicate that masterfully creepy, backwoods vibe of the first couple of records.

I feel like he has moved so far from _that_ (creepy, backwoods stylings) into just "plain" alien weirdo vibe (the other specialty for fellow distressingly gaunt fellows) that there's just no turning back. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just an interesting career trajectory--instructive, even. What with driverless electric cars and AI writing somewhat insightful explanations of what Neil Young's "Welfare Mothers" is really about and whatnots.

parmalee said...

Interesting. Presumably recent photo of Sterling here:

Courtesy of Sheila, of course. Looks like perhaps he's gained some weight, maybe? Could just be the facial hair grooming.

Anonymous said...

Jandek is an interdimensional visionary. He also dresses really well.

1tracktape said...

This is a recording from the future. Or the past. Or Jandek...